Grass Roots
Action Alert

Background: This week the House will debate the Military Construction and Veterans' Affairs Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 Appropriations Bill. The bill that passed the Full Appropriations Committee last week ignores the need to fully fund VA by making across-the-board cuts to all accounts and drastically underfunding its medical care, major construction and Information Technology (IT) accounts. All totaled, these cuts will reduce VA’s discretionary budget by more than $1.5 billion below the Administration’s request and $2.6 billion below the Independent Budget request.


Action Needed: We need your help to ensure VA is fully funded so it can provide the care and services veterans have earned and need. Let them know that reducing VA’s budget will have a negative effect on the timeliness and quality of care that veterans will receive. Fully funding VA must be the highest priority for Congress!



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