Grass Roots
Action Alert
Background:  Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel unveiled the findings of a DOD Strategic Choices and Management Review that built three potential budget scenarios to reduce defense spending by $150 billion, $250 billion and $500 billion over the next 10 years, all on top of a $487 billion cut in defense spending that was mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011. With only a few weeks left in the current fiscal year and no budget deal in sight, the VFW is urging everyone to contact their members of Congress and demand they pass a budget agreement when they get back to Washington.
The stakes could not be higher.
An uncertain budget climate impacts readiness, it hurts the troops and their families, and the message it sends to our enemies is that America's political leadership can't get its priorities straight.  Along with smaller military pay raises and reduced allowances are plans to shrink the active Army to as low as 380,000 soldiers, the Marine Corps to as low as 150,000 , reduce the number of carrier battle groups from 11 to eight, and retire aging Air Force bombers and other aircraft, among many other budget-cutting options.
All of this could have been avoided had Congress just done its job and passed a budget agreement!
Action Needed:  Contact your legislators today! Demand that they pass a budget agreement as soon as they return to Washington in September. Tell them their partisan failure to reach a budget agreement weakend the country,impacts readiness and hurts our troops and their families.  Tell them it is the responsibility of our nation's elected leadership to work together to replace the mindless and irresponsible policy of sequestration.  It is unworthy of the service and sacrifice of our nation's men and women in uniform and their families. Contact them today!
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