Grass Roots
Action Alert
Background: The proposed FY 2013 Department of Defense Budget will reduce the size of the force, increase prescription copays on military families, quadruple health insurance premiums on retirees, and overhaul the existing military retirement system in favor of a civilianized, cost-sharing model that would benefit the government more through savings than reward someone who first has to volunteer 20 or more years of their youth just to qualify.

The government used to wait for the wars to end before reducing the force, but that time is long gone. The Veterans of Foreign Wars needs your help and your voice to "Join the Fight" and defeat these negative proposals before they dismantle the all-volunteer military.

Action Needed: Contact your members of Congress today and tell them there is no military personnel issue more sacrosanct than pay and benefits. Tell them a secure America requires a strong military, and to ask any service member, veteran or military retiree to sacrifice more on behalf of a nation that doesn't will hasten the end of the all-volunteer military. Whether you are a friend, family member or served four years or 40—or are still in uniform—we ask that you join with the VFW to defeat any proposal that puts budget before the troops and their families. It is time to bring one voice to Capitol Hill. We absolutely cannot allow the government to break faith with those who serve and sacrifice the most. "Join the Fight" today!
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