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Action Alert


This summer, Congress commissioned a “Super Committee” of legislators to develop a plan to cut the federal deficit by $1.2 trillion dollars no later than Thanksgiving. Last night, the Super Committee threw in the towel, meaning potential mandatory cuts across nearly all federal agencies. Since the Super Committee failed, Congress and the Cabinet Secretaries must now make these difficult choices. Fortunately, no cuts will take effect until January 2013, meaning we have a year to work to preserve military quality-of-life programs and veterans’ benefits. Last month, the Veterans’ Affairs and Armed Services Committees submitted proposed spending cuts to the Super Committee that contained significant cuts in both military quality-of-life and veterans’ benefits programs. These proposals included examining the current military retirement system, changing TRICARE benefits to shift costs to the beneficiary, changing COLA rates for VA disability compensation and possibly reducing GI Bill benefits earned through military service.

VFW opposes these toxic changes that would devalue military quality-of-life and VA programs. Balancing the budget on the backs of military retirees and disabled veterans breaks faith with those who have already paid a heavy price for our nation.

Action Needed:

We urge you to contact your Legislators immediately and ask them to support and protect all current military quality-of-life programs to include Tricare, military pay and retirement and to block any changes in VA healthcare and benefit programs. Those who have fought for our country deserve no less! 



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