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Working age military retirees may see their enrollment fees increase under the proposed Department of Defense (DOD) FY 2012 budget. Then, beginning in Fiscal Year 2013, rates would be tied to cost-of-living adjustments.

VFW opposes any increases in TRICARE fees. Asking the government to provide health care for those who gave up 20 or more years to fight for our nation is a cost they should be more than willing to bear. We also note that, during a time full of rhetoric about government waste and inefficiency, efforts to modernize and streamline the TRICARE Management Activity have not taken place. Retirees should not be seen as an avenue to budget neutrality; rather, DOD should look to its own wasteful spending and do everything in its power to make ends meet before shifting the burden to beneficiaries.

Congress must support legislation that prevents any increase in TRICARE fees and instead look for efficiencies in TRICARE Management.

Action Needed:

Call or email your Senators today and urge them to pass legislation that blocks DOD's authority to increase any TRICARE fees – those who have fought for our country deserve no less. Congress should insist that DOD find efficiencies in TRICARE Management. Let them know we expect any fee increase to be dead on arrival!

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