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VFW Legislative Alert: Say No to VA's Collection Increase Proposal


Background: The administration's budget proposal for FY 2010 includes a proposal that would bill veterans who have private insurance for service-connected disability treatments.

Action: We ask you to contact your legislators and urge them to block this proposal. It is unconscionable to pass along the costs of war to wounded veterans and their families.

Talking Points:
• Caring for wounded and disabled veterans is a sacred trust. Their care is part of the ongoing cost of war, and the price a grateful nation pays for their service.
• Insurance companies would pass on the additional costs to covered veterans, raising premiums and fees.
• Increased fees and premiums would result in veterans subsidizing their own injuries, forcing them to pay for parts of their service-connected care.
• It would impair veterans ability to obtain private insurance, especially at reasonable rates, which affects not just them, but also their families.
• Employers might look at a veteran differently during the hiring process if they think that he or she would affect the company's health care insurance costs, serving as a disincentive for some businesses to hire veterans.

The VFW adamantly opposes this proposal, and asks every VFW and auxiliary member to urge their congressional delegations to not allow this to be a part of this year's budget. Tell them that we expect them to think about what the impact this kind of proposal would have on veterans and their families. Ask them to think about the sacred trust between veterans and their nation and defeat this proposal immediately!

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