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Don't put barriers between teens and medical care
Urge your legislator to reject SB 5320
Just after the new Trump administration took the first steps in its war on reproductive rights, a woman's right to choose has come under attack in Washington state. A new bill introduced in the state Senate, SB 5320, puts unnecessary and dangerous barriers between young women and reproductive health care. It would require either parental notification or a judicial waiver and would impose a waiting period before a teenager could receive an abortion.  

No matter how many laws are passed, the government cannot force good family communications. SB 5320 endangers the health and well-being of young women in Washington. Urge your legislator to reject SB 5320.

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Don't put barriers between teens and medical care
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With the new Trump administration passing an anti-abortion executive order within days of taking office, it is more important than ever that Washington state safeguards our strong reproductive health laws. But instead, SB 5320 imposes restrictions on minors seeking abortions. We all want our children to be safe, but SB 5320 will deter teenagers from seeking medical care and place vulnerable teenagers in difficult and potentially dangerous situations.

SB 5320
- Imposes a parental notification requirement on minors seeking an abortion (with exceptions for medical emergencies)
- Effectively requires a 48-hour waiting period for minors seeking an abortion
- Requires a pregnant minor to petition a court for waiver of the notice requirement
- Requires new, unnecessary abortion reporting requirements
- Makes it a gross misdemeanor to perform an abortion without providing the required notice

No matter how many laws are passed, the government cannot force good family communications. Imposing a parental notification requirement and a 48-hour waiting period endangers vulnerable young women by delaying their access to appropriate medical care and by increasing the possibility of family violence and self-induced abortions.

The bill's judicial bypass waiver is also not realistic. Making a scared, pregnant teen jump through judicial hoops is not reasonable and will not improve minors' safety. In practice, teenagers are not going to file a petition with a court.
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Instead of protecting teenagers, this misguided bill puts potentially insurmountable barriers between vulnerable teenagers and the medical care they need. I urge you to oppose SB 5320.
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