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A lot has changed in technology since 1986 - the laws that protect you should too

The last time laws protecting your digital privacy were updated was in 1986: Before the internet. Before there were digital cell phones. Before everyone used email.

That’s why our privacy laws today in New York make no sense and totally fail to offer you adequate protection – they afford more protection to letters in a file cabinet than to your digital communications.

The New York Electronic Communications Privacy Act finally offers us digital privacy protections that make sense for our digital world.  It requires the police to get a warrant before tracking your phone or reading your emails, texts or personal information online – just like they had to do when searching your file cabinet in 1986.

But we need to speak up to make this happen: The legislative session is ending in weeks – and with that ends our chance this year. Don’t let lawmakers go home without giving New York a privacy update.

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I am writing to urge you to sponsor NY-ECPA (A1895A/S6044) and protect the privacy of New Yorkers by ensuring that our state privacy laws are updated for the modern digital age.
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The police should be required to get a warrant from a judge before they can snoop through our digital life. Please help protect us from unjustified access to our cell phone, emails, text messages, digital documents, social media, metadata and locations.
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