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Strengthen protections for NY's trans students

The Trump administration's new guidelines send a devastating message to transgender kids - who face extreme levels of harassment and heartbreakingly high suicide rates - that they cannot depend on the president to protect them.

New York must send a powerful message right back: We will strengthen our state protections for transgender kids.

Our state has independent protections that prevent school districts from discriminating, but they could be stronger and easier to enforce. New York’s Human Rights Law does not currently apply to students – a loophole that complicates anti-discrimination actions and must be fixed. And we must pass the Gender Identity and Expression Non-Discrimination Act, which will explicitly prohibit anti-trans discrimination under New York law once and for all.

TAKE ACTION: All children deserve the right to go to schools that are safe and supportive – New York cannot compromise on our values in dys-Trumpian America.

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New York has protections for transgender students, but in light of the Trump administration's dangerous positions, New York must do more.

I urge you to fix a loophole in the state Human Rights Law, ensuring that it applies to students facing discrimination, and I ask you to ensure passage of the Gender Identity and Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), which explicitly prohibits anti-trans discrimination.
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Let's keep New York leading the progressive resistance, and protect our transgender children.
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