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Your data should not be up for grabs by the government. Tell legislators to pass the Electronic Privacy Act

In early April, the Trump administration axed vital privacy regulations that would have prohibited internet service providers (ISPs) like Comcast from collecting and selling your sensitive personal information without your consent. That means that ISPs are going to start amassing enormous troves of your sensitive online information, including information about your web browsing habits and what you purchase online.

Tell your state legislators to protect privacy and pass the Electronic Privacy Act.

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Please prioritize passing the Electronic Privacy Act. It's an essential restoration of privacy protections for the digital age, to ensure that law enforcement doesn't access sensitive information about our phone and internet use without a warrant.

You may have heard that Congress and the Trump administration just axed internet privacy regulations that would have prohibited internet service providers like Comcast from collecting and selling their customers' personal information, including their browsing histories and online purchases, without consent. It's an alarming reminder of the mountains of private, sensitive information we generate every day as we go about our modern lives using computers and smartphones--from financial and health information to the content of our emails and GPS information about every place we go. And it's also a reminder of the vital importance of protecting that information from government access without a warrant.

The Electronic Privacy Act, sponsored by Senator Spilka (S.943) and Rep. Peake (H.2332), would protect our private electronic information with the gold standard of due process--the probable cause warrant. All our sensitive electronic information deserves the same basic privacy protections that have always applied to the "papers and effects" we used to keep at home in a desk drawer.

We can--and must--limit the sensitive information that companies can amass about each of us and what they can do with it. But the power of the state is even more troubling than corporate greed. Only the government has the power to deprive people of our very liberty.
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When the federal government undermines our privacy, it's up to state lawmakers to stand up for our fundamental values and protect Massachusetts residents.

Please urge legislative leadership to prioritize passage of the Electronic Privacy Act as soon as possible.
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