Alexander Amendment to the Fiscal Year 2014 Senate Budget Resolution
On the Amendment
Senate Roll Call No. 63
113rd Congress, 1st Session

Rejected: 39-60 (see complete tally)

On March 22, 2013, the Senate rejected Amendment Number 515 to S. Con. Res 8, the Fiscal 2014 Senate Budget Resolution. The amendment would have supported the creation of a federal school voucher program by a vote of 39 to 60. The ACLU opposed the amendment because voucher programs have proven ineffective, lack accountability to taxpayers, deprive students of rights provided to public school students, and threaten religious liberty.  Voucher programs would divert desperately needed resources away from the public school system to fund the education of a few, select voucher students.  Vouchers support private and religious schools that are not bound by the open and non-discriminatory acceptance policies that are the very strength of our public school system.  Despite receiving taxpayer funded vouchers, these private schools would not be subject to federal civil rights laws and would not face the same public accountability standards that all public schools must meet, including those in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Title IX gender equality provisions, IDEA, and ESEA.  Finally, vouchers primarily fund private religious schools, and thus, taxpayer money is used to fund religious education. 

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 63
Votes For : 39
Votes Against : 60
Not Voting : 1