Patriot Act Fixes
On Agreeing to the Amendment
House Roll Call No. 339
108th Congress, 2nd Session

Failed: 210-210 (see complete tally)
On July 8, 2004, the House failed to pass by a vote of 210 to 210 the "Freedom to Read" Amendment to the Commerce, Justice, State, and Judiciary Appropriations Bill of 2004 (H.R. 4754), which would have banned the government from using any funds to use the Patriot Act to demand records from bookstores and libraries. This amendment originally had enough votes to pass, but the Republican leadership violated House rules by holding the vote open for twice the allotted time while twisting the arms of Republican Representatives to change their votes. The ACLU opposes Section 215 of the Patriot Act, which allows government agents to obtain many types of personal records -- educational, medical, financial, sales, library, etc. -- even if they have no probable cause of a crime. The ACLU supported this amendment, which would have limited these powers. (Roll Call Vote No. 339)

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 339
Votes For : 210
Votes Against : 210
Voted "Present" : 1
Not Voting : 13