Smith Amendments No. 676 to the NDAA
On Agreeing to the Amendment
House Roll Call No. 234
113rd Congress, 2nd Session

Failed: 191-230 (see complete tally)
On May 22, 2014, the House rejected Amendment 676 to H.R. 4435, the National Defense Authorization Act, by a vote of 191-230. The ACLU urged the House to support the amendment, introduced by Congressman Adam Smith (D-WA). The Smith amendment would have imposed a statutory ban on any president or other government official ordering the military to place anyone in the United States into indefinite detention without charge or trial, or from ordering anyone in the United States to be tried before a military commission. Such actions are already inconsistent with the Constitution and other laws, but the explicit statutory ban would have ensured that no president or any other government official would ever try to use these practices in the United States itself (Roll No. 234).

Vote Map: House Roll Call No. 234
Votes For : 191
Votes Against : 230
Not Voting : 10