Mandating the Use of a Flawed Employment Verification Database

Senate Roll Call No. 219
111th Congress, 1st Session

Rejected: 44-53 (see complete tally)
On July 8, 2009, the Senate defeated, by a vote of 44-53, a motion to table (i.e. kill) an amendment to the FY 2010 Department of Homeland Security Appropriations Act (H.R. 2892) offered by Senator Sessions (R-AL). The amendment sought to make the current temporary E-Verify program permanent and mandate its use for all federal contractors and subcontractors. The ACLU opposed the Sessions Amendment and supported the motion to table it because of numerous, well-documented errors in the E-Verify program threatening the employment of thousands of U.S. citizens and lawful immigrant workers. Additionally, rather than taking positive steps toward solving our nation's immigration issues, the Sessions Amendment would exacerbate an already difficult situation faced by U.S. workers and employers struggling to make ends meet during the current economic recession. The ACLU called for a 'YES' vote in favor of the motion to kill the amendment.

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 219
Votes For : 44
Votes Against : 53
Not Voting : 3