On the Amendment S.Amdt. 1451, McConnell Amdt. to USA FREEDOM ACT
On the Amendment
Senate Roll Call No. 198
114th Congress, 1st Session

Rejected: 42-56 (see complete tally)

On June 2, 2015, the Senate rejected Amendment 1451 to H.R. 2048, The USA Freedom Act, by a vote of 42 to 56. The ACLU opposed Amendment 1451 because it would have weakened the amicus provision in the USA Freedom Act by excluding language ensuring that the amicus curiae would have access to relevant materials; appropriate clearances to access classified information; and specific duties that would include advancing privacy and civil liberties arguments. Had the amendment passed, the resulting amicus curiae would have lacked the information necessary to participate meaningfully in Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court proceedings, and would have been less able to serve the important role of protecting privacy and civil liberties. 

Vote Map: Senate Roll Call No. 198
Votes For : 42
Votes Against : 56
Not Voting : 2