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Let the People Vote on Medical Marijuana
Nebraskans need medical marijuna

Veterans with PTSD. Mothers with sick children. Adults with disabilities and chronic conditions.

These are just some of the thousands of Nebraskans who have spoken in favor of medical marijuana. In recent years, lawmakers have spent countless hours working with medical professionals, health care regulators and law enforcement to develop and refine proposals that create a medical marijuana program that's right for Nebraska.

Sadly, Nebraska is one of the only states without any access to medical marijuana and our lawmakers are still criminalizing medical care Nebraskans want and need.

Thankfully, just a few weeks ago, Senator Anna Wishart introduced legislation that would give Nebraska voters the option to weigh in on medical marijuana. If the legislature won't provide Nebraskans and their doctors with the freedom to make decisions for themselves and their patients, the people should have the opportunity to act.

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Right now, tens of thousands of my fellow Nebraskans are suffering. This is because veterans, children and the terminally ill don't have access to medical marijuana.

Nebraskans, and their doctors, should have the freedom to make their own medical decisions without fear. I know too many people who are choosing between crossing state lines or being treated like a criminal for medical care.

With or without the legislature, medical marijuana will be the reality for Nebraska one day.

I support LB 622, the Medical Cannabis Act. But if the Legislature refuses to ease the pain and suffering for Nebraskans, Nebraskans should have the opportunity to make their own decision.
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I urge you to support LR 293CA and give Nebraskans the opportunity to make their voice heard on medical cannabis in Nebraska.
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