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Nebraska Needs to Get Smart on Crime
Time to get smart on crime

Nebraska prisons are dangerously overcrowded. The Nebraska Department of Corrections is currently holding nearly 2,000 people more than the system was intended to support. Decades of failed tough-on-crime policies compounded by the war on drugs are not just devastating to those behind bars. The failed polices hurt Nebraska kids and families too. Today, nearly one in 10 Nebraskan children has had a parent behind bars. At every turn, Black, Latino, Native American and poor Nebraskans are overrepresented in the criminal justice system. These failed policies are rooted in racial injustice.

This year, Nebraska lawmakers have a clear decision to make – maintain the status quo and double down on failed policies that are costly to taxpayers and hurt communities or continue making progress with a new smart justice approach to right size sentences and dismantle the system of mass incarceration.

Several bills before the Nebraska Legislature would give fair-minded local judges more discretion to make the sentence fit the crime, provide treatment and rehabilitation alternatives for those with mental illness issues or for those battling addictions and to give more young offenders a second chance.

Tell your state senator the time is now to end the Statehouse to Prison Pipeline. Tell your state senator to adopt the Smart Justice approach used in our sister states to save money and support families without hurting our shared public safety goals.

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Dear senator,

Nebraska's current tough-on-crime practices have failed our state. The current practices are expensive, hurt children and communities, and do little to improve public safety. I want a Nebraska that is smart when it comes to criminal justice reform.

There are several smart justice bills before the Nebraska Legislature with support from senators across the political spectrum. These bills give fair minded local judges the discretion to make the punishment fit the crime, allow more people with addiction issues to access treatment, and give young offenders a second chance. Today nearly 1 in 10 kids in Nebraska have had a parent behind bars. This doesn't help anyone. There's clearly a better way for our state. I urge you to lead.
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I urge you to reject bills that create new sentences and instead support smart justice policies such as LB 781, LB 789, LB 842, LB 875, LB 1013 as well as the carryover bill LB 447.
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