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Dear Senator Bowers,

I am writing in support of SB 326 - the Free State Elections Act. Kansas has more obstacles to voting than nearly any other state in the country, and our election turnout rates are among the worst in the nation. That's why it's crucial that we expand opportunities for citizens from all over Kansas to participate in our elections.

The Free State Elections Act will repeal Secretary Kobach's failed election policies, expand early voting periods, and allow citizens to register to vote on or up to election day. These reforms will ensure that more Kansas citizens are able to have a voice in our democracy.

States all across the country already have expanded early voting periods and election day registration, and their voter turnout has increased substantially as a result. Those results could be replicated in Kansas, too.
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Please give SB 326 a hearing and a full committee vote. It is time we increase citizen participation and strengthen our democracy.
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