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More civilian oversight and accountability in policing is needed in Charlottesville

Following events of July 8, many in the Charlottesville area are rightly expressing concerns about the appropriate role of police at protests and demonstrations. During the protests, police used teargas to disperse crowds that were attempting to exercise their right to free speech. We share these concerns and urge you to let the City Council know how you feel.

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I am writing to express my sincere concern over the events of July 8 in Charlottesville, during which tear gas was used to disperse people who had gathered to protest peacefully. As we sort out what happened, when, how, and why, one thing is clear. Part of the reason this occurred is the lack of civilian oversight of policing at the local level.
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This is an urgent matter, as other events are upcoming for which the Charlottesville police will have the responsibility of protecting the public while exercising appropriate restraint.

The Charlottesville Police Department must get the message now that aggression against its own community will not be tolerated.
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