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Call for Immediate Dismissal of Agent Joswiak

Take action now! Tell the Worthington Police Department that their officers are not above the law.

On July 28, 2016, officers pulled over Laotian American Anthony Promvongsa. Without pause, Agent Joe Joswiak began violently assaulting Promvongsa while he was still buckled in his seat. The other officer on the scene, Sgt. Tim Gaul, turned off his audio and stood to the side. Video of the assault was not made available until June 2017.

Neither officer has been disciplined for the incident. We are calling for a dismissal of Agent Joswiak and a full investigation of both officers. Tell the Police Chief that this behavior is unacceptable for the Worthington Police Department and Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force.

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On July 28, 2016, Agent Joe Joswiak and Sergeant Tim Gaul pulled over a motorist they described as "driving recklessly." Video released from the dash cam footage late last week revealed disturbing excessive force. Agent Joswiak is shown hitting and kicking Promvongsa while he is still buckled in his seat belt and then kneeling on his neck while he is lying on the ground. Promvongsa was not provided an opportunity to comply with the officer's orders. Additionally, it appears in the footage that Sgt. Gaul tampers with the audio and is complicit in the assault. Sgt. Gaul does not describe the excessive force in his police report, further demonstrating intentional obscuring of the incident.

In a joint statement, your department said the video was being viewed in a "vacuum" and included only a portion of evidence related to the criminal charges Anthony is now facing. The video clearly shows excessive force used by Agent Joswiak. No matter what happened before the dash cam video began rolling, Anthony did not deserve to be abused by the police in this way. Not only were your officers abusing their authority, but now your department is reinforcing a culture of police brutality by not holding the officers involved responsible.
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As a Minnesotan, I am asking for the immediate dismissal of Agent Joswiak and for a complete investigation into the behavior of both officers. Send a clear message that this behavior is not condoned by the Worthington Police Department or Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force. Please send a message that this behavior is not tolerated in our state.
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