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Urge Governor Sununu to Veto SB 66!

The ACLU fully supports the proper punishment of violence against pregnant women that causes the loss of their fetuses. Such a loss can result in serious physical and emotional injury and existing NH law rightfully recognizes that injury. SB 66 however, is unnecessary, unenforceable, and inconsistent with existing law. SB 66 is also a part of a larger agenda to erode women’s reproductive rights under Roe v. Wade.

Email Governor Chris Sununu and urge him to veto SB 66 – if he truly believes in justice for women.

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Chris Sununu (R-NH), Governor
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Dear Governor Sununu:

I write to you as a concerned Granite Stater. I urge you, as the leader of the Granite State, to veto SB 66 as passed by the House because, if signed into law, it would have consequences that threaten the rights and health of pregnant women in our state.
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Again, as a leader in our state, I urge you to veto SB 66 if you truly want justice for New Hampshire women.
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