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Hold Gov. Cooper to his word on LGBT protections

During a recent speech in Washington, D.C., North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said he is planning to issue a “comprehensive” executive order “that helps with LGBT protections” in North Carolina.

Earlier this year Cooper signed House Bill 142, the “fake repeal” of HB2 that continues discrimination by blocking cities from passing nondiscrimination protections in employment or public accommodations for LGBT people and others until December 2020. The new law also continues to single out transgender North Carolinians for unequal treatment.

Governor Cooper has not offered details on what his new executive order might say. But more than words will be needed to undo the damage done by his signing of HB142, a law that continues to discriminate against LGBT people.

If Governor Cooper wants to show his commitment to “comprehensive” LGBT equality, we need to hold him to his word.

Tell Governor Cooper that any “comprehensive” LGBT protections must include affirmative protections for trans people, including their ability to access restrooms that match their gender, and that he should consult with LGBT North Carolinians before signing another measure that could have an enormous impact on their lives.

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Roy Cooper (D-NC), Governor
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As a supporter of equality, I urge you to engage with LGBT North Carolinians before issuing an executive order on LGBT rights.

LGBT people deserve equal protection from nondiscrimination in employment, public accommodations and other areas of life. But when you signed House Bill 142 -- without first consulting with LGBT people -- you prevented cities from passing such protections until December 2020.

As you now promise to sign a "comprehensive" executive order on protections for LGBT people, I urge you to ensure that such an order is fully inclusive and provides as many protections as possible. In order to limit the damage of HB142, I specifically urge you to affirm the right of transgender North Carolinians to access single-sex facilities that match their gender.
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If you are truly dedicated to LGBT equality, please keep your word and issue an executive order that is actually comprehensive -- and not simply a political gesture.
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