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Tell the Connecticut legislature to pass H.B. 6663, An Act Concerning Police Misconduct
Fifteen-year-old Jayson Negron died because of an entire system that has failed to hold police accountable to the communities they are supposed to serve. Connecticut’s legislature has the power to change that system—but it urgently needs to act. H.B. 6663, An Act Concerning Police Misconduct, would improve investigations into serious police uses of force, including deadly uses of force, and could be strengthened to create better systems for handling complaints of police misconduct. Tell your legislators to stand up for justice and equality by immediately passing the strongest version of H.B. 6663, An Act Concerning Police Misconduct.

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As your constituent and as a supporter of equality and justice, I strongly urge you to take up and pass H.B. 6663, a bill to improve investigations into police misconduct and strengthen community trust in police. In addition, I encourage you to support an amendment that would expand this bill to address problems in Connecticut's system for handling complaints of police misconduct.
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I am one of many community members who are calling for the legislature to vote for H.B. 6663, An Act Concerning Police Misconduct, in light of the most recent fatal use of police force in Bridgeport. Police accountability is important to constituents like me. Everyone, from every town, should be treated fairly, justly, and wisely by police. In order to ensure that happens, we must have transparent, reliable systems for holding police accountable to the people they serve.

Please bring H.B. 6663 up for a vote on the floor as soon as possible, please vote for amendments to strengthen this bill, and please vote for H.B. 6663 as a whole.
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