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Demand Transparency When Police use Cameras

If police are going to use cameras, transparency must be a part of the equation. And yet legislation before the Pennsylvania Senate negates transparency by making it almost impossible for the public to obtain video produced by police cameras. Supporters of the legislation go so far as to say that police use body-worn cameras as an “evidence gathering tool,” as if transparency and accountability have no role.

Senate Bill 560 gives law enforcement a host of reasons to deny requests for video. And if a person appeals a request, the bill instructs the court to give “deference” to the law enforcement agency and even charges the person $125 for appealing the denial.

If this bill becomes law, police cameras will cease to be a tool for accountability. Instead, they will be yet another tool for police surveillance. Tell your state senator to vote NO.

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Dear Senator,

The Senate may soon consider Senate Bill 560. This legislation limits the ability of the public to obtain video produced by police cameras. Please vote no on SB 560.
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Please vote no on Senate Bill 560.
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