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Support AB 348 the Nevada Healthy Student Act

The Nevada Healthy Students Act (AB 348) will allow for medically accurate, age-appropriate, LGBTQ and gender inclusive sex education for all students in Nevada. We fail our students by not giving them the information and help they need to make smart, healthy, and educated choices. We must ensure that we are not leaving our LGBTQ, foster and at-risk kids behind, which we currently do with our outdated sex education laws.

AB 348 will make sure the necessary changes take place. Reach out to your member of the Assembly and let them know you support AB 348. 

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Assembly Bill 348, the Nevada Healthy Students Act will give Nevada students the information they need to make educated, healthy, and smart personal choices about themselves and their futures.

We must ensure that students receive medically accurate and age-appropriate sex education that includes our LGBTQ students as well. Every student should receive the education they need to develop healthy habits and understand their own bodies. When it comes to protecting our students, we must ensure that every student is included. AB 348 solves this problem.
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Please support AB 348 and ensure our children get the information they need to be educated and prepared to make intelligent, lifesaving decisions for their futures.

Thank you.
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