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Nebraska Doesn't Need Voter ID

There is no evidence of widespread voter fraud in Nebraska or around the United States. Yet some Nebraska lawmakers are still intent on pushing Voter ID requirements. Even more troubling, this year, the voter ID proposal has been introduced as a constitutional amendment (LR1CA). Fundamental individual rights should not be subject to the will of the majority because they are fundamental rights protected by our state and federal constitution.

We should not enshrine barriers to voting in our state constitution but instead should be working together to strengthen voting rights.

Voter ID won't increase the integrity of Nebraska's elections. In reality, it will make it more difficult for thousands of Nebraskans — seniors, students, low income Nebraskans, people of color, transgender Nebraskans, and people with disabilities–from voting.

Nebraska is lucky to have honest election officials and hard working poll workers who take their jobs seriously. Nebraska voters also take their voting rights and responsibilities seriously and we run free and fair elections in this great state.

The Nebraska Legislature has consistently rejected voter ID with strong support across the political spectrum because of advocates like you who speak out and a take a stand in support of democracy. Add your voice to stop voter ID again!

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I have faith in our democracy and trust that Nebraska's strong election systems are prepared to stop voter fraud if it happens. I urge you to reject LRCA1 because it seeks to enshrine barriers to our voting rights in our state constitution.
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Please reject Voter ID again. Please reject LRCA1.
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