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Transparency in policing must be protected

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives is considering legislation (HB 27) that would make it a crime for public officials to identify police officers who seriously injure or kill someone. While HB 27 includes a 30-day window for this gag order, additional language could allow that ban to go on indefinitely — meaning communities will never know who is using force against them.

HB 27 is yet another form of backlash against the new civil rights movement that is demanding fairness from police, and it makes policing in Pennsylvania even less transparent than it already is.

Tell your state representative to vote NO on HB 27.

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The PA House of Representatives may soon vote on House Bill 27. This legislation bans public officials from identifying police officers who seriously injure or kill someone. While the bill includes a 30-day window for this prohibition, additional language in the bill could lead to this gag order going on indefinitely. I believe police have a responsibility to be transparent in how they operate. Please vote NO on HB 27.
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In response to the call for more fairness in policing, police departments around the country have become more transparent when violent incidents occur in their communities. HB 27 is a step backwards. Please oppose HB 27.
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