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Governor Daugaard: Reject Discrimination in Our State

SB 149 grants the right for taxpayer funded child-placement agencies to discriminate against children and families and deny children needed services based on the agency's religious or moral beliefs. And it virtually eliminates what the state may do in response to that discrimination.

Religious freedom is a core American value — that's why it's protected in both the state and federal constitutions. But that freedom doesn't give any of us the right to harm others. SB 149 would exclude loving families from adoption and foster care to the detriment of vulnerable children.

Tell Governor Daugaard to reject SB 149.

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Dennis Daugaard (R-SD), Governor
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Dear Governor Daugaard,

I'm reaching out to you to ask you to veto SB 149, a deeply concerning bill that would allow adoption and child placement agencies receiving taxpayer money to discriminate against loving people seeking to adopt children. This bill would allow adoption agencies to refuse to place needy children with LGBT couples, divorced people, or those of a different faith than the agency, and I urge you to oppose this bill.
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This law would allow religion to be used to discriminate against qualified parents while preserving taxpayer funding for adoption agencies. Religious freedom is a core American value, and is one that I care very much about. But freedom of religion doesn't give any of us the right to discriminate against other people. Please veto SB 149.

Thank you for your time.
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