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Stop private school vouchers in Maryland

Governor Larry Hogan is trying to divert millions from the state's general fund to expand a taxpayer subsidy for private and religious schools. With Maryland's current budget deficit, we need to invest in transparent, accountable, effective public schools instead.

Say NO to taxpayer subsidies for private and religious schools.

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I believe that public dollars should go to public schools. Money should not be siphoned off from the state's public funds to provide a taxpayer subsidy for private and religious schools.

I am concerned that a fund of $5 million was created last year for the BOOST program, that provides for private school vouchers, without a public hearing. This year, Governor Larry Hogan is trying to grow the program by millions more, even though he has not yet committed to fully addressing the $2.9 billion unmet need in our public schools.

97 percent of the schools that have received taxpayer subsidies are religious schools, which raises serious concerns about the separation of church and state. The schools that receive BOOST subsidies are not required to meet all state nondiscrimination laws that public schools must adhere to. And these schools can legally discriminate in employment on the basis of religion, sexual orientation and gender identity.
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Please eliminate rather than increase funding for the BOOST program in the FY2018 budget.
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