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Reproductive Freedom is Back Under Attack!
The Ohio Senate has only been back in session for a month, but anti-choice legislators have wasted no time resuming their crusade against reproductive rights. Last week, state senators reintroduced an unconstitutional bill designed to stigmatize a woman’s personal decision to end a pregnancy, and make abortion care less accessible.

Senate Bill 28 is a transparent attempt to make it more difficult for Ohio’s abortion clinics to serve the women who rely on them for safe and nonjudgmental care, by requiring the burial or cremation of embryonic and fetal tissue.  Like Ohio’s other health-care providers, abortion clinics already follow state-regulated procedures for the safe and appropriate handling of all forms of biological tissue.  This legislation is among the most radical in the nation as it includes not only fetuses, but also zygotes and other collections of cells. There is no medically justifiable reason for forcing abortion clinics to adhere to this new, highly burdensome requirement.

A woman who makes the highly personal and private decision to end a pregnancy deserves to be treated with respect and compassion – not forced to consider medically unnecessary cremation and burial procedures. Our state lawmakers should focus on policies that support Ohio women and their families, rather than passing callous and invasive mandates that shame women for having an abortion.

We need you to contact your state senate, committee chairman Sen. Bob Coley and Senate President Larry Obhof and urge them not to advance SB 28, an intrusive and medically unnecessary restriction on abortion care!

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I am writing to urge you not to advance SB 28 out of committee. The bill's callous and intrusive "cremation or burial" requirements impose medically unnecessary burdens on abortion care, and represent a transparent attempt to shame women who have decided to end a pregnancy.
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I urge you to prevent SB 28, a callous and unconstitutional bill, from advancing in the Senate.
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