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Fairness is a Kentucky Value

8 Kentucky cities (Louisville, Lexington, Covington, Vicco, Frankfort, Morehead, Danville, and Midway) have anti-discrimination fairness protections in place for LGBT residents. In all other areas of Kentucky, employers can legally fire people for being gay or transgender or deny them housing or service in a restaurant. That’s not fair, and it doesn't reflect our Kentucky values. Ask your legislator to stand for fairness by supporting statewide protections for LGBT Kentuckians.

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One year ago a group of leading Kentucky employers came together to launch the Kentucky Competitive Workforce Coalition, because they recognize that inclusive workplace non-discrimination policies are simply good for business. These policies keep businesses competitive by ensuring that they hire and retain only the most hardworking, talented individuals, based on skill and experience instead of factors that are irrelevant to their ability to do the job. Just as corporate non-discrimination policies keep these businesses competitive, a statewide Fairness ordinance would keep Kentucky's industry competitive.

Enacting such an ordinance would commit Kentucky to protecting the rights of all its people, and to treating them with compassion.
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During this legislative session, I hope you will stand up for all Kentuckians by supporting statewide anti-discrimination protections. LGBT Kentuckians simply want to earn a living, and provide for their families like everyone else.
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