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Police body camera legislation should balance accountability with privacy -- SF 498 doesn't

SF 498 is a bill that regulates the use of body cameras or portable recording systems worn by law enforcement officers. This bill does not balance privacy rights of individuals with the need for police accountability and transparency.

This bill tips the scales in favor of police. It gives the police unlimited access to the videos and severely restricts public access. It also fails to prohibit police from turning the cameras on and off whenever they want.

Take action today! Stop SF 498 from passing the House and tell Governor Dayton to veto the bill if it reaches his desk.

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As a constituent I ask you to vote no on SF 498. This bill deals with portable recording system data, also known as police body cameras. It does not strike the right balance between preventing body cameras from becoming just another tool of police surveillance, and promoting accountability and transparency in police departments.

With good policies in place, recording of police-civilian encounters can promote police accountability, deter misconduct and provide objective evidence to help resolve complaints against police.
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The bill also lacks statewide policies to address a number of important areas, including a ban on recording First Amendment protected activity, providing citizens with notification that a body camera is recording, and disciplinary procedures for officers who violate body camera policies.

Please reject SF 498 and send a clear message that you stand for policing that values the rights of individuals as much as the police.
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