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Tell the Senate: Support the release of the CIA torture report

The Senate Intelligence Committee spent four years investigating the CIA's torture program. The problem is that the committee's findings — in a 6,000-page factual report — have been adopted by the Committee, but not released. They are sitting in a Congressional vault and with the CIA.

It is essential that we have all the facts if we are to ensure that our nation never takes the wrong path again. Ask your senators to support the public release of the Committee's report on torture.

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As your constituent, I am very concerned that we still do not have the facts on the CIA's past program of torture and abuse. I am grateful that Senator John McCain sponsored successful legislation to reinforce the ban on torture and abuse, and that President Obama bolstered the ban by executive order. But all Americans still need the facts on what happened, so that we can be sure that we don't let history repeat itself.
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