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Thank Governor Rauner for signing the bill to reform forfeiture
Governor Rauner signed the bill to reform the practice of policing for profit in Illinois. Civil asset forfeiture allows the government to permanently take away your property even if you are never charged with a crime. Each year in Illinois, $40 million or more in cash, cars, and even homes is seized through something called civil asset forfeiture. This new law restores fairness and integrity to Illinois' asset forfeiture laws. 

Thank Governor Rauner for signing House Bill 303.

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Bruce Rauner (R-IL), Governor
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As a constituent concerned with fundamental fairness, I am writing to thank you for signing the bill to reform civil asset forfeiture in Illinois.

As you know, under previous Illinois law, an individual can have their property permanently forfeited to the State without ever being convicted of a crime. The new law will ensure that:

1. A criminal conviction is required before property can be forfeited to the government;

2. The state provide clear and convincing evidence that property is related to criminal activity before it is forfeited;

3. Police and prosecutors are not given financial incentives to seize and forfeit property, and;

4. Information about civil asset forfeiture and the use of its proceeds are made transparent and accessible to lawmakers and taxpayers.

Thank you for signing HB 303 and restoring fairness and integrity to Illinois' asset forfeiture laws.
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