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Thank Governor Rauner for protecting the rights of transgender and intersex Illinoisans

Illinois has come a long way. Many of you were with us seven years ago to witness the passage of civil unions for same-sex couples. Then, in 2013, you raised your voice in support of the freedom to marry for same-sex couples. This year, we passed a bill (House Bill 1785), which the governor signed, that will allow transgender and intersex Illinoisans to change the gender marker on their birth certificates without proof of surgery. 

Thank Governor Rauner for signing HB 1785!

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Bruce Rauner (R-IL), Governor
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Thank you for advancing progress for transgender and intersex people's rights in Illinois. House Bill 1785, now law, will update Illinois law by eliminating the unnecessary and medically unsound surgical requirement for correcting the gender marker on birth certificates, updating the standard to require clinically appropriate treatment.

Your approval will now bring our state in line with contemporary medical standards which require an individualized gender transition treatment plan for each person, which may or may not include surgery. Illinois' vital records law consistent with the standards used by the federal government and a growing list of other states.

Most importantly, your action will relieve transgender and intersex people of a serious burden by reducing the serious risks of discrimination, harassment, embarrassment, and assault transgender and intersex people born in Illinois face when their status as transgender or intersex is revealed, by making it possible for them to correct their core identification document - their birth certificate - so that it matches their identity and appearance.

Thank you for signing House Bill 1785 and for protecting the rights of transgender and intersex Illinoisans.
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