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Urge your legislator to VOTE NO on HB9
A cruel anti-immigrant bill, House Bill 9, just passed its only committee in the House on November 7. HB9 is an attack on Florida's immigrant communities. It will drive victims and witnesses into the shadows, drain valuable law enforcement resources, erode trust between police and the communities they serve, and make Florida less safe.
Let's be clear: HB9 would have devastating effects on communities in Florida, and we need to stop it now.
Tell your legislator anti-immigrant laws have no place in Florida.

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Support Florida's immigrant communities
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On November 7, members of the House Judiciary Committee passed the cruel anti-immigrant bill, House Bill 9. As a constituent in your district, I am asking you to publicly oppose HB9 and stand for immigrants in our state.
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Florida has always been a welcoming state. Don't be on the wrong side of history by supporting bills that threaten public safety, and promote distrust between police and the communities they vow to protect.
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