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California: Rise Up Against Secret & Discriminatory Surveillance

Every Californian deserves to feel safe in their community. As the Trump administration equips a deportation force with surveillance equipment, aggressively pursues activists, and escalates pressure on sanctuary cities, it's essential for California to fight back. Make sure California lawmakers pass a strong Senate Bill 21 without any further amendments. The bill will push secret surveillance into the light, put communities back in control, and help prevent abusive and discriminatory surveillance practices.

Use this form to urge your lawmakers to pass a strong SB 21 with no further amendments.

SB 21 will provide needed transparency and community control for police decisions about surveillance technology – including requiring public debate and approval before police acquire or use surveillance technology. A strong SB 21 is an important step to fight back against secret and discriminatory surveillance, and uphold our California values.

We know that law enforcement agencies use surveillance technology to target immigrants and communities of color. The social media monitoring of Muslim and Sikh protesters in San Jose and the covert aerial surveillance of Compton residents are likely just the tip of the iceberg.

We need to act now to make sure the strongest version of Senate Bill 21 gets across the finish line.

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I urge you to support a strong SB 21 as an important step to fight back against secret and discriminatory surveillance and help keep Californians safe.
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