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Protect your privacy. Oppose LAPD's use of drones.
Stop LAPD from adding drones to its already massive arsenal of surveillance and investigative tools.

Drones pose serious threats to privacy and civil liberties.  They allow law enforcement to see into your home and place of worship or fly unnoticed over your backyard.  Used with existing technology, they can be used to monitor personal conversations, collect records of people present at public events like peaceful protests, and may be equipped with weapons.  

With the decreasing costs of drones, once allowed to become part of law enforcement’s toolkit—even for limited purposes—they can be expected to be used with greater frequency or for additional purposes.  

Because of these unprecedented privacy risks, the Police Commission must meaningfully consider the public’s opinions  on whether drones should be allowed—and if so, under what conditions—before they become a part of LAPD’s ever-expanding arsenal.

Instead the Police Commission has ignored the public’s strong opposition to drones and refused to provide an opportunity for the public to meaningfully express its concerns with LAPD’s drone proposal.  

Let the Police Commission know that it must not approve LAPD’s drone policy under these conditions, and you do not support putting Los Angeles under police surveillance.

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The Police Commission must not allow the LAPD to start a drone program.

Drones pose serious threats to privacy, even when initially adopted for limited purposes. Once drones become a part of LAPD's arsenal it will be nearly impossible roll them back, and the threat to privacy will only increase as drones use expands and they are inevitably armed with additional technology and possibly even weapons.

The Police Commission cannot ignore the public's strong opposition to drones and refuse to provide an opportunity for the public to meaningfully express its concerns with LAPD's drone proposal.
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The Police Commission must not rubber stamp LAPD's attempt to expand its existing arsenal with invasive surveillance technology.

The Police Commission should not move forward with LAPD's drone program, and any future attempts at a drone program must be met with a truly transparent process that actually seeks and incorporates the public's views.
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