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Immigrants are a part of our country's heart and soul, but the Trump Administration is intent on building a monstrous deportation web that can ensnare virtually anyone that is living in the country without proper immigration documents.

Fortunately, the California Senate just passed a bill that would keep our state and local government out of this web and uphold the civil liberties of all Californians, regardless of immigration status.

The California Values Act recognizes the humanity of all people, protects our communities from harmful mass deportations, and ensures the safety of all. 

Now it's up to the Assembly to approve it and send it to Governor Brown for final approval. We need your help! 

Use this form to urge your state assembly member to vote YES on SB 54: The California Values Act. 

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I respectfully urge you to support SB 54 (de Leon), the California Values Act, which protects the safety and well-being of all Californians by ensuring that state and local resources are not used to fuel mass deportations and separate California families.
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