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Senate: Don't destroy our health care

Person waiting on health care servicesSome senators – starting with a group of 13 men huddling behind closed doors – are crafting a health care bill just as cruel, as unjust, and as life-threatening as the House’s American Health Care Act. It targets women, people with disabilities, communities of color, and low-income individuals and families, and anyone seeking reproductive health care. The bill gravely jeopardizes the health care coverage of millions of people and threatens the well-being of those most in need. And no one has seen the bill yet – the senators writing it are deliberately keeping it secret to avoid their outraged constituents.

The Senate health care bill threatens our civil rights and liberties and harms millions of people. We can’t let the Senate pass it. Take action now – tell your senators to oppose the Senate health care bill.

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You must reject the Senate health care bill. Millions of people stand to lose health care coverage. There's no question that those who are already most in need will be hit the hardest, and I'm calling on you to stand up for their rights.
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I need you, as my representative in the Senate, to strongly oppose any health care repeal bill. Such a brutal bill is bad for your constituents and bad for our country.
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