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Tell senators: not one cent for Trump's anti-immigrant agenda

On March 16, the Trump administration requested an extra $3 billion from Congress through September 2017 to pay for his anti-immigrant agenda. He can’t implement this plan without funding – so we’ve got a chance to block his unconstitutional executive orders.

Send a message to your senators now: Not one cent for Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. Not one cent for the border wall, inhumane and abusive private prisons, and more ICE and border patrol agents. We can’t let Congress fund his cruel agenda to round up immigrants and separate families.

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Do not authorize the appropriation of $3 billion for President Trump's anti-immigrant agenda. Do not allow our tax dollars to be used by this administration to cruelly separate families, prop up the inhumane and abusive private prison industry, or construct this ludicrous border wall.
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We know this $3 billion request won't be the last - the president has already requested an additional $4.5 billion for the 2018 budget. I'm calling on you, as my representative in the Senate, to refuse to appropriate funds for President Trump's reckless deportation force.
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