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Action Alert
Trump doesn't have a license to discriminate

We’ve seen reports that President Trump is planning to sign an executive order on Thursday that would create religious exemptions and open the door to discrimination It’s a license to discriminate against women and LGBT people. Our opponents are rallying their bases, hoping to convince the president there’s popular support for wide-ranging, taxpayer-funded discrimination. But polling shows that our side has been in the majority for a long time – and now we need to show our strength.

If we can mount a strong enough resistance now we can make sure Trump never has a chance to sign this order. Take action now – send a message directly to the White House.

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Taxpayer-funded discrimination
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I'm writing to let you know that I strongly oppose the executive order that encourages discriminatory treatment against LGBT people, women, and people of minority faiths. The Constitution makes clear that even the president does not have a license to discriminate.
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Mr. President, these are NOT my values and certainly not America's values. Religious freedom does not mean the right to discriminate against or harm others. Please do not sign this executive order or anything like it that would sanction discrimination under the guise of religious freedom.
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