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Senators: Oppose New Muslim Ban

Update (3/16/17): Incredible news: Federal judges in Hawaii and Maryland have blocked Trump’s Muslim ban 2.0! But this measure is temporary, and Trump could still appeal these decisions. There’s not a moment to waste – send a message to your senators now to urge them to oppose Muslim ban 2.0.

The Trump administration just announced a new Muslim ban executive order. The good news is that after the ACLU and others took Trump to court and won, the administration has retreated from some egregious aspects of the first order. The bad news? It’s just Muslim ban 2.0.

We won’t be fooled. This is the same hateful, illegal discrimination as before. Make sure your senators know that this changes nothing – the only way to fix an unconstitutional Muslim ban is to get rid of it.

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Trump's newest executive order singling out refugees and people from six Muslim-majority countries has the same fatal flaws as his first attempt. It does not represent American values and it violates our Constitution. The only way to fix a Muslim ban is to get rid of it. As your constituent, I implore you to do everything in your power to publicly denounce, oppose, and fight Trump's unconstitutional Muslim ban.
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My fellow constituents and I will not stand for prejudice by executive order. We need you to go on the record to denounce this "revised" executive order and any Muslim ban. We already know what the right side of history is - will you join us on that side?
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