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Let Mohamedou Slahi Go Home
Let Mohamedou Slahi Go Home

Update (10/17/16): VICTORY! Mohamedou Slahi is finally home! After 14 long years at Guantanamo, Mohamedou has returned to Mauritania as a free man. He has been reunited with his family and is excited about his future. He, his family, and everyone at the ACLU are so thankful for everyone in the #FreeSlahi movement who made this possible.

The fight to Close Guantánamo and end the brutal practice of indefinite detention continues. Take action now.

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Now that the Periodic Review Board has cleared Mohamedou Slahi for release from Guantanamo Bay prison, I'm calling on you do two things to make sure this man can go home to his family as soon as possible: (1) immediately certify to Congress that Mohamedou will be released; and (2) ensure that Mohamedou is quickly transferred out of Guantanamo so he can restart his life as a free man. Any further delay is not only inhumane - it's unjust and counter to American values.

Mohamedou Slahi has been unlawfully imprisoned by the U.S. government for 14 years without ever being charged with a crime. The U.S. has held him indefinitely despite his innocence. The Periodic Review Board has now decided Mohamedou can be released because he meets its standard for someone who does not pose a threat to the United States.
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There is no possible justification under the law for Mohamedou's continuing detention - and now he finally has a way out. I urge you to immediately take steps to ensure that Mohamedou is finally given his freedom. The world is watching.
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