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Fight Back Against Government-Sanctioned Discrimination

Separation of church and state

Are you sickened by North Carolina's anti-LGBT law? How about Mississippi's discriminatory law targeting LGBT people, women, and religious minorities?

So is most of the country. But now, some members of Congress are trying to insert a “Mississippi-style” amendment into the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Fortunately, there's a solution. This week, House representatives will vote on a bipartisan amendment, which would strike the discriminatory provision from the NDAA.

If enough of us raise our voices, we can win this vote. Tell your representatives to vote YES on the bipartisan Dent-Smith Amendment.

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I'm urging you to vote YES on the Dent (R-PA)-Smith (D-WA) Amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 4909). This amendment is bipartisan - and that matters because protecting vulnerable Americans from discrimination transcends party lines. It's a fundamental right protected by the Constitution.
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The backlash to the laws in North Carolina, Mississippi, and other states has cost those states hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues. I do not want my tax dollars used to discriminate against vulnerable Americans. I strongly urge you to vote YES on the bipartisan Dent-Smith Amendment to ensure that the discriminatory Russell Amendment is removed from the NDAA.
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